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Psychodrama is an action method

So much of "talk therapy" is done sitting on the couch.  Psychodrama is a creative arts therapy approach that embraces action to deepen personal work. As some say, "We get wounded in action so we must then heal in action." 

Psychodrama supports group functionality

Sociometry is the term for the "measurement of groups." Psychodrama uses sociometry to help build cohesive groups and help understand the relationships between its members.

Central Texas Psychodrama

Psychodrama embraces spiritual growth

The founder of the method, Dr. Jacob Moreno, calls it the "Godhead," and others term it the "Creative Self," which comes alive in the fundamental dramatic goals of spontaneity and creativity. 


Practice PSYCHODRAMA, learn, Heal and Grow

Did you know that the first formal understanding and practice of group psychotherapy, was Psychodrama?  It's been around since the early-mid 1900s.

While many people or groups say they "practice psychodrama," people conducting formal psychodrama sessions should have completed trainings approved by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama and Sociometry. 

The American Board of Examiners officially certifies practitioners and trainers and educators in psychodrama after rigorous training, including a minimum 680 training hours and a written and onsite exam. While psychodrama is our primary practice, we may practice various modalities in our workshops. 

Many come to psychodrama for personal growth and then come to realize how they can use the method in their professional life.  Personal and professional growth are our focus and it doesn't matter which you choose first, they go hand in hand. 

Learn PSYCHODRAMA With EXPERIENCED, certified psychodramatists.

If you don't learn through our institute, we hope you'll visit the American Board website to find other opportunities to learn with certified leaders. Visit the American Board website by clicking here.

Psychodrama is used in many different settings such as business development, religious, legal, educational, family/individual/group psychotherapy, and other informal avenues. 

Our workshops and classes  TYPICALLY meet at OUR LOCATIONS, BUT we ARE OPEN TO PRESENTING AT academic CONFERENCES, retreatS, And business and health EVENTS in THE GREATER austin AREA.

Our main location is in Pflugerville, but will travel to surrounding parts of Central Texas like Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, Bastrop, Tyler, Taylor, Hutto, Leander, Westlake etc.

Some of our faculty are also State Licensed Clinical Psychologists or Licensed Masters Level Therapists, and may be available to facilitate group work at your rehabilitation, recovery IOP or other clinical setting.  Some practitioners may be available to help attorneys better prepare a trial.  

Did you know that psychodrama is very impactful in the legal setting? Check out this site where many lawyers learn the method.  https://www.triallawyerscollege.org/register-for-a-course/course-materials/

Whether you're a student or professor, a new or seasoned clinician looking to expand your practice, we have trainings for you.

Central Texas Psychodrama
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