C T P I 

Central Texas Psychodrama invites you to take a look at your scenes, with the stage, actors and supporting characters all connecting as individuals and cohorts, on a journey of self-discovery.  With this discovery, we invite the releasing of some old patterns and creating new ones.

These videos speak for themselves, enjoy!

Common Terms

Creativity and Spontaneity : The two common foundational goals of psychodrama.

Psychodrama : An action method for dramatizing what’s in the soul of the individual.

Protagonist : Person in the main character role for their own scenes and psychodrama.

Stage : The group’s physical and imaginative space for creating psychodrama.

Protagonist : Main person in role for developing their psychodrama.

Auxiliary : Supporting roles for the protagonist.

Double : The inner echoing or subtle intuitive voice of a participant, spoken as a backdrop to a main role, usually restated by the protagonist for any role.

Role reversal : becoming the role of the other for actual experience in the drama. 


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